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Who we are.
The Research Unit Emerging Grammars investigates the linguistic systems and resources of bilingual speakers from families with an immigrant history, or heritage speakers. We are interested in learning how heritage speakers use both of their languages in different situations.

Who we work with.
We work with heritage speakers of German, Greek, Russian, and Turkish who live in the U.S., and heritage speakers of Greek, Russian, and Turkish who live in Germany. We also test monolingual speakers of all of those languages in their respective countries. Additionally, in the U.S., English monolinguals are tested. By making various comparisons between the languages, we will find grammatical features that are unique to heritage speakers.

Our goals.
We would like to see if those unique grammatical structures follow certain patterns, which would help us gain new insights into heritage languages and human language in general. As a result of our collaborative research, we hope to better understand how a language can vary and evolve when in continuous contact with another one.

What participants do.
We are inviting Turkish heritage speakers to take part in our research study. Participants will be tested in 2 sessions (one in Turkish and one in English) lasting 1-1.5 hours each. In both sessions, participants will be asked to describe a short incident shown on video. They will receive $45 at the end of the second session. Sessions will be conducted about 3-7 days apart from each other.

Interested in participating?
If you are interested in participating in our study, or know someone who might be, please review the qualifications below:

 Speaks Turkish with parents at home and maybe also with friends
 Can read and write in Turkish and English
 Was born and raised in the U.S. or moved there before the age of 2
 Lives in New York City
 Is 14-18 or 23-36 years old
 Does not have speech or hearing disorders
 Is available for testing in February 2019

Company / Business Name University of Kaiserslautern
Contact Person Name Tatiana Pashkova
Phone Number 5712901895
Website Link *APPLY HERE Visit Link Here
Recruitment Email pashkova@rhrk.uni-kl.de
Age Group 14-18; 23-36