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Help us fight flu & the common cold. And get up to £3,750

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Viruses affect our immune systems in a variety of ways – some of which we don’t yet understand. Clinical trials, like the studies we carry out at FluCamp, are effective ways of researching how the body behaves when it encounters viruses, such as the common cold. Having more of an understanding allows us to work out more effective and efficient treatments – and eventually even eradicate some of the most common viral illnesses altogether.

Our Flu and Common Cold Trials

Our standard clinical trials for people aged 18-65

We run standard clinical trials to further our understanding of how common cold and flu viruses work, how they affect people, and how we can treat them. When you volunteer to take part in our studies, you are helping to advance medical research and help us to develop better medicines.

What to expect

If you decide you would like to volunteer for one of our clinical trials then you make be able to take part in as little as 8 weeks. When you choose to apply, here’s what will happen;

A screening process to check that we’re sure you’re suitable for one of our clinical trials. If you suffer from asthma then please visit our asthma clinical trials page.
If you pass the screening process and an outpatient trial or a residential trial. This will generally last between 10-15 days and will take place at our residential centre in London.
A final screening typically 28 days after the end of your trial to make sure you are 100% healthy.

Company / Business Name FluCamp
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Phone Number 0207 756 1414
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Clinical Trial Reference Common Cold Trials
Age Group aged 18-65
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Address london