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NSI is a global risk management and counter intelligence advisory firm. NSI is trusted by Governments, Law Enforcement, and Multinational Organisations to advise them on all aspects of Information Risk, Operational Risk, Cyber Risk, Corporate Risk, and Economic Espionage Risk.

All areas of the globe are covered by our team of Specialist Advisors, Consultants, Analysts, Investigators, and In-Field Agents. In today’s increasingly uncertain global political and business environments, NSI guides its clientele, safely informing their future.

Our specialties include:
Eavesdropping Detection
Bug Sweep
Data Recovery
Electronic bug sweeps and detection of listening devices.
Digital Forensic Data Recovery of deleted data.
Espionage risk assessment and management.
Secure Communications.
Geopoltical Risk Advisory.
Immediate Response Units.

Our obsession with staying 10 steps ahead of criminal technology has led NSI Global Counter Intelligence (NSI) to be THE Leading Global Geopolitical Risk and Counter Intelligence Advisory Firm. This status was achieved by our unique ability to uncover security vulnerabilities in every facet of your specific environment. We specialise in the design and implementation of bespoke and absolutely comprehensive security measures to eliminate these weaknesses.

At the start of the new millennium NSI was established and quickly became THE Security Risk and Counter Espionage partner to numerous Corporate and Government sectors. NSI offer the most comprehensive security advisory service service for your entire organisation covering the physical
structure, staff, processes, capital equipment, intellectual property, external diligence……

Company / Business Name NSI Global Counter Intelligence
Contact Person Name Navid Sobbi
Phone Number 1300 000 674
Recruitment Email info@nsintel.com.au